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PicoSure Focus 755

PicoSure Focus 755

PicoSure Focus 755

  • Special Note: All products have been approved by Health Canada.

• About PicoSure Focus 755

One of the world's five largest U.S. 755 picosecond honeycomb PS, by the United States sainuoxiu instrument developed by the American FDA certification, CFDA certification China for a Huang Lvhong color tattoo instrument, more excellent performance in the operation of pock dermal patches of pigment in fact, the doctors found in clinical practice, Picosure in the operation of chloasma, improve skin wrinkles and fine pores, firming has significant effect.

PicoSure treatment

Remove stubborn stains

  • 治疗前
  • 治疗后

Pigmentation is a common facial skin due to increased melanin formation, the picosecond laser can help you to remove it.

Smooth and fill concave scars

Remove facial wrinkles

Eliminate specific tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

What are the advantages for the picosecond laser?
Shorter, faster. Unique wavelength can sweep "black" with the good effect. Avoid doing the damage the skin. Do not worry about turning back.
Is that good for Chloasma? How many treatments required?
Picosecond now is the best treatment for the chloasma. Treatment is generally about 3 to 4 times.
Can everyone can do it?
Before doing picosecond laser, the doctor will do a light sensitive test to see if it is appropriate to do laser treatment for you and if you have to wait until the wound in your face is healed. laser.
Does it hurt?
No, because of anesthetic, skin feels no pain during the treatment. After treatment, there will not be any wound.